Air Southwest


In partnership with Air Southwest Virtual and with kind permission from Air Southwest Ltd., we present a collection of addons relating to the airline including fleet repaints, cabin announcements and aircraft audio modifications.

Most of the addons here relate to the Majestic Software Dash 8-300, an excellent aircraft that has been designed to match the real thing as best as possible within the confines of the simulator.  Whilst it's now aging, its fully-fledged simulator counterpart is approved for ATP training so you know it's a sure bet that systems and visuals are top notch.  For more information visit their website at  Don't let the price put you off - it is well worth the money!

For those who like freeware, there are plenty of alternatives out there which the cabin announcements sets can be used with.

Combine these addons with the Plymouth and Newquay airport scenery and you have a full Air Southwest collection.