Plymouth City X

Status: Released
Compatibility: FS9 - FSX - P3D v1.x - P3D v2.x - P3D v3.x - P3D v4.x - P3D v5.x - MSFS 2020

Plymouth City X is our flagship scenery for FSX and FS9.  Designed with performance in mind, it is a fully replicated addon scenery of Plymouth City Airport, located in the South West of England. 

There is plenty to see in and around the airport, and combined with our upcoming VFR project and Horizon's Generation X photo scenery, there is now another reason for light aircraft and small airliners to visit the South West of England.







This addon includes:

  • Custom ground textures
  • Custom taxiway with drive-though parking
  • Custom runway/taxiway lighting
  • Custom airport signs
  • 3D approach lighting
  • 3D PAPIs
  • 3D synchronised Wig-Wags
  • True FSX models where possible
  • Latest airport layouts
  •  Optional static aircraft and GA fencingttjhj 
  • Road signs, bollards, street lamps, bus stops and traffic lights
  • Custom scenery options program to enable/disable features
  • Closed airport "2012" addon