BristolATC Weather Client

Status: Released

BristolATC is a custom project designed for the Flight Simulator Convention held in the Weston Helicopter Museum.  It was in use for several events and was been updated to provide much cleaner and stable services.  Based on the design of the real Bristol Airport wx display (METCOM), it downloads data from the VATSIM network and displays it in an easy, human-readable, fashion to air traffic controllers.  Some inspiration has also been used from the wx display found at Plymouth City Airport and our in-house PlymouthATC program.  It is currently only available to FSC controllers.


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Program features:

  • Current VATSIM weather data download
  • Suitable for any Bristol controller on VATSIM
  • Auto-refresh
  • Manual ATIS letter change
  • Auto program update
  • Customisable text fields and custom server reports
  • Flashing screen on ATIS change