Newquay Airport

Status: Released
Compatibility: FS9 - FSX - P3D v1.x - P3D v2.x - P3D v3.x - P3D v4.5 - P3D v5.x - MSFS 2020

Newquay Airport v2 for Prepar3D v4 has been released.
This new version includes new features such as dynamic flood lighting, runway and taxiway lighting based on weather conditions and airport opening times, and new and updated models of the current buildings and ground layout. To support these new features, dynamic lighting must be turned on within the P3D settings, and SODE v1.7.1 or higher must be installed from here. The scenery can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Formally RAF St. Mawgan and Plymouth City Airport's "sister", Cornwall Airport Newquay sits on the north coast of Cornwall. In 2008, the RAF ceased operations at the field to allow full civilian use.

This addon is best used with Orbx's TrueEarth GB South and is matched to that photoscenery, however an option to install alongside Horizon's GenerationX is also provided as well as installing with no/other photoscenery.


Screenshots - P3D v4 (v2)


Screenshots - FSX (v1)



This addon includes:

  • New for P3D - Timed, automatic, weather-sensing runway/taxiway/flood lighting
  • New for P3D - Dynamic flood lighting which lights up aircraft on the stands
  • New for P3D - Dynamic light splashes for wig-wags and PAPIs
  • Custom ground textures
  • Custom CAT III runway & taxiway lighting
  • Custom airport signs
  • 3D approach lighting
  • 3D PAPIs
  • 3D synchronised Wig-Wags
  • Animated rotating radar
  • Latest airport layout
  • Vehicles on surrounding roads
  • Optional: EditVoicePack addon to include "NEWQUAY" as a callsign