Welcome to South West Scenery

Welcome to South West Scenery, where Flight Simulator comes alive with freeware.


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MSFS 2020 Support

As with most scenery developers at the moment, we're investigating how much work is needed to convert existing airports into the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. With the limited SDK and documentation that's currently available, we're finding that some design jobs are easier than the old ESP-based simulators and some are harder.

That said, our home airport Plymouth is now undergoing a simple remake to see how much work is required. So far, only the ground and lighting has been made using the in-built editor. Existing airport models such as the terminal etc are expected to be a straight conversion. Newer lighting techniques using SODE as used in our Newquay Airport scenery are pretty much impossible right now, so default lighting is being used at Plymouth, which coincidentally does have 3D models attached.

Here's a preview of how Plymouth is getting on:

Newquay Airport v2 Issue with Orbx - FIXED / P3Dv5 Status

The alignment issue with Newquay Airport and Orbx TrueEarth GB South has now been resolved. Version 2.1 is now available on the downloads page and will be uploaded to avsim and flightsim.com soon.

The updated scenery also includes some new models and fixes, most of which are for the Orbx-compatible option. However, some no-crash flags were missing from the ground lighting so even GenX users should update, especially if using collision detection within the simulator.

This scenery is not yet installable into Prepar3D v5; a compatible version will be coming soon and should include realistic ground undulations that match the underlying terrain (sloping runway/taxiways).

Newquay Airport v2 Released

Newquay Cornwall X has now been updated to work within Prepar3D v4 and has been renamed to Newquay Airport.

This update includes a complete remake of the lighting system, new and updated building models including updated logos, hangars, and an expanded ground layout incorporating the Golf and Hotel aprons. Whilst the Classic Air Force company has since been shut down since the original release, we've kept the Nimrod 404 hangar with their identity for now as a thanks to them for arranging our initial visit.

The updated lighting system makes heavy use of SODE, which allows models to be injected into the simulator at runtime, instead of being part of the scenery. Using this, we've been able to make automatic runway lighting that appears in certain weather conditions, timed to switch off when the airport is closed, and PAPI lights that shine well beyond the old 4nm visibility of the old system. We've even been able to model the pink transition between red and white.

We hope you enjoy this new version as much as we have in making it.

Domain Name Upgrade

We have switched over to the new ".uk" version of the domain name (dropping the ".co" part). Please ensure that any bookmarks or RSS feeds are altered to www.swscenery.uk. Forwarders are in place for http:// traffic, but if you end up with a certificate warning, please ensure you are using the new domain name.

Newquay Cornwall X Released

We have now released version 1.00 of Newquay Cornwall X to Flightsim.com and AVSIM. We recommend using the installer version found on Flightsim.com as that allows updates etc and ensures all the correct files are un-modified and present. The version on AVSIM is a zip archive which will need to be manually installed. The manual for the scenery can be found in the extras folder.

Download links are available from our downloads page here.

Newquay Cornwall X Announced

South West Scenery is pleased to announce its next freeware scenery - Newquay Cornwall Airport. This will be for FSX only.

Designed in co-operation with Newquay Cornwall Airport and Classic Air Force, this scenery has been built to provide a quality experience for those using the simulator at the Classic Air Force hangar at Newquay and for the Flight Simulator community at large.

The scenery itself is currently in testing and will be released to CAF soon. The public release to AVSIM should follow in June. Another release is planned for later this year containing extra visual objects currently not included and any additional changes to the airport proper.

If you wish to experience the scenery before anyone else, head down to the Classic Air Force hangar at the Aerohub on the southern side of the airport!

For more information, visit the Newquay Cornwall X page from the Scenery menu above, or click here.

South West Scenery Dash-8 Q400 Fleet and Plymouth City Airport Improvements

Following the release of Majestic Software's Dash-8 Q400, South West Scenery now has it's own fleet and livery. G-SWSA and G-SWSB were delivered to Exeter Airport several weeks ago until completion of runway and taxiway improvements at Plymouth.

The improvements, based on Sutton Harbour Holdings' airport master plan, allow bigger aircraft to use the aerodrome including the Q400 and ERJ195. As the real airport is currently closed, South West Scenery can take on the design work of Sutton Harbour Holdings and create a reasonable approximation of what the field would have looked like with a bit of applied Artistic license. New hangarage, fire station, fuel farm, engine test bay, bigger terminal, bigger car park, double-sized apron and a 68m runway extension are being implemented at this "test" airport. South West Scenery even has it's own aircraft maintenance hangar!

Plymouth City X 2012 (v3.20) Released

Version 3.20 of Plymouth City X has now been released on the update system of the Options program.  To update, simply run the Options program and follow the prompts.  This update includes numerous model upgrades for the scenery as well as the "2012" current airport layout (selectable in the Options program after the update has finished).

A standalone installer containing the update and the 2012 layout will be uploaded to AVsim shortly which will update anything from v3.00 upwards to v3.20.  A link to this will be put in the Downloads page once available.

Plymouth City X Page Updated

The page for Plymouth City X has been updated with new screenshots of the imminent update.  They show both the "2011" and "2012" airport versions.  The update should be released very soon through the options program and shortly after on AVsim.  Stay tuned!