Newquay Airport v2 Released

Newquay Cornwall X has now been updated to work within Prepar3D v4 and has been renamed to Newquay Airport.

This update includes a complete remake of the lighting system, new and updated building models including updated logos, hangars, and an expanded ground layout incorporating the Golf and Hotel aprons. Whilst the Classic Air Force company has since been shut down since the original release, we've kept the Nimrod 404 hangar with their identity for now as a thanks to them for arranging our initial visit.

The updated lighting system makes heavy use of SODE, which allows models to be injected into the simulator at runtime, instead of being part of the scenery. Using this, we've been able to make automatic runway lighting that appears in certain weather conditions, timed to switch off when the airport is closed, and PAPI lights that shine well beyond the old 4nm visibility of the old system. We've even been able to model the pink transition between red and white.

We hope you enjoy this new version as much as we have in making it.

If you're a FSX/P3D v1 user, stand by as we retrofit these new changes into that version. Once done, this should make the FSX version compatible with P3D v2-3 as well. As for P3D v5 and Microsoft's new sim, time will tell.