South West Scenery Dash-8 Q400 Fleet and Plymouth City Airport Improvements

Following the release of Majestic Software's Dash-8 Q400, South West Scenery now has it's own fleet and livery. G-SWSA and G-SWSB were delivered to Exeter Airport several weeks ago until completion of runway and taxiway improvements at Plymouth.

The improvements, based on Sutton Harbour Holdings' airport master plan, allow bigger aircraft to use the aerodrome including the Q400 and ERJ195. As the real airport is currently closed, South West Scenery can take on the design work of Sutton Harbour Holdings and create a reasonable approximation of what the field would have looked like with a bit of applied Artistic license. New hangarage, fire station, fuel farm, engine test bay, bigger terminal, bigger car park, double-sized apron and a 68m runway extension are being implemented at this "test" airport. South West Scenery even has it's own aircraft maintenance hangar!

G-SWSA was the first to land at Plymouth using approximately 820m of the newly extended 1229m runway.

G-SWSB has also been delivered and is in the hands of one of our developers as his own personal livery. G-SWSC is currently being repainted and will take the 4000nm trip from the Bombardier base in Clarksburg, WV, stopping in Greenland and Iceland, coming into the UK via Prestwick and taking the final trip down to Plymouth. G-SWSA is currently residing in the new Aviation Services hangar.